Our private patient services are available for any procedure.

Private Abortion Services in Maryland at Gynemed Surgical CenterGynemed offers a unique and personal service for our patients desiring privacy. They offer the ultimate in confidentiality and convenience and are offered for a small surcharge.

  • Available for ALL services and procedures
  • Costs an additional $350 + normal procedure fees
  • May be outside normal office hours by special arrangement
  • Arrive through a private entrance
  • Cared for by a personal staff member
  • Usually takes 1 – 2 hours compared to a regular visit of 4 – 6 hours

In respecting the patient’s need for discretion, we have a personal assistant who will meet you at your car and take you through the private, unmarked entrance of our facility.

You will be taken to your own room for all paperwork, counseling and testing.

Should your family member or friend decide to stay with you for the entire day, he/she may accompany you at all times, including recovery, however not for the procedure itself.

Approximately thirty minutes after your procedure, you will be discharged through the private exit. You will not come in contact with other patients and your length of stay for a surgical abortion is approximately 1-2 hours.

You will need to pay the private patient fee, but can use your insurance to cover the cost of the procedure. Insurance does not cover the additional private patient fee.

If you want the ultimate privacy and convenience, our Private Patient services were designed especially for you.

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