Between 15 & 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

Surgical abortion care at Gynemed Surgical Center in MarylandPatients who are between 15 and 22 weeks are in their second trimester. (view pregnancy calculator) For a second trimester procedure the doctor performs a D&E, which is a variation of the D&C which is used for first trimester procedures. This procedure is more complex and involved for the physician.

A D&E is a two-day procedure. We insist you should have someone with you throughout the night prior to your procedure. There is a hotel next door to our medical center for accommodations in the immediate area.

On the first day, you will be given Mifepristone, a medication that stops the growth of the fetus and that softens and dilates your cervix. You will use this medication as directed, starting on the morning of the second day until your cervix is dilated sufficiently for the procedure. You will come to our office in the morning where we can observe your condition.

If needed, the physician will dilate your cervix.

Once the cervix is dilated, a combination of a suction curette and specially designed forceps are used to remove the products of the pregnancy.

Complications are possible, but rarely occur.

If you would like to save approximately 30 minutes from your first office visit, you can print the required forms below, complete them, and bring them to your first visit. You must review your patient rights and responsibilities before you come in for your procedure.

Please Review: Patients & Responsibilities
Please Complete: 2nd Trimester Abortion forms

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