Gynemed Surgical Center has LOWER fees than the majority of hospitals and abortion clinics in the area.

Abortion fees are  based on the type of abortion procedure (medical or surgical) and the length of your pregnancy.

All abortion patients will receive:

  • an ultrasound to determine gestation
  • laboratory tests to determine Rh factor (if deemed necessary, a Hematocrit ~ Patients who are Rh-negative must receive an injection of RhoGam.
  • choice of either local anesthesia or IV sedation (Twilight anesthesia) for the same fee.

Payment is expected in full on the day of the appointment. Cash, Money Orders, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®, Prepaid Cards are accepted forms of payment. If a credit card is used, the cardholder must be present with picture identification.We do not accept personal checks.

Insurance plans accepted: all Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, all Aetna plans, Alliance PPO, Optimum Choice, M.D.I.P.A., United Healthcare, MAMSI and all Maryland Medical Assistance programs. 

Information for Self-Pay Patients
In order to make our services accessible to patients lacking health insurance coverage, our practice offers a significant discount for self-pay patients. We offer our surgical abortion service at a discounted package prices that includes transvaginal sonogram, blood testing and RhoGram injection for Rh negative patients, surgical procedure with IV sedation, antibiotics, and birth control pills if appropriate. Patients are assumed to have had a positive pregnancy test before their appointment for surgical abortion. Patients are responsible for calling Gynemed to schedule their follow-up appointment for approximately two weeks after their procedure.

Surgical Abortion Service Self pay Fees:

Up to 12.0 weeks LMP $400.00
12.1 – 14.6 weeks LMP $400.00
12.1 – 14.6 weeks LMP with twins $540.00
15.0 – 16.0 weeks LMP $720.00
16.1 – 17.0 weeks LMP $860.00
17.1 weeks – 18.0 weeks LMP $1,035.00
18.1 weeks – 19.0 weeks LMP $1,440.00
19.1 weeks – 20.0 weeks LMP $1,620.00
20.1 weeks – 21.0 weeks LMP $2,000.00
21.1 weeks – 22.0 weeks LMP $2,200.00
General Anesthesia – offered on Wednesday &Saturdays, add an additional $50 to self pay pricing above.
Prices include: Sonograms, anesthesia, medications, and follow-up exam. Second trimester second day NO SHOW fee (No Show on surgery day) is $125.00. Follow-up visit (within 10 days of abortion) $45.

Medical Abortion:

Under 8 weeks LMP $400.00

Other Services:

Sonograms $90.00
Urine Pregnancy Test FREE MON – SAT
Serum Pregnancy $25.00
Depo Injection w/o insurance $25.00
RhoGam for under 12 weeks $35.00
RhoGam for over 12 weeks $75.00

**Prices are subject to change without notice