Gynemed Surgical Center has lower fees than the majority of hospitals and clinics in our area.

  • Fees are all-inclusive and are based on the procedure (medical or surgical) and the length of pregnancy.
    • All patients will receive an ultrasound to determine gestation, laboratory tests to determine Rh factor and if deemed necessary a Hematocrit. Patients who are Rh-negative must receive an injection of RhoGam for no additional cost.
  • Choice of local anesthesia or IV sedation (Twilight anesthesia) for the same all-inclusive fee.
  • Payment is expected in full on the day of the appointment. Cash, money order, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® are accepted forms of payment. If a credit card is used, the cardholder must be present with picture identification.We do not accept personal checks.
  • Insurance plans accepted at the center including: all Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, all Aetna plans, Alliance PPO, Optimum Choice, M.D.I.P.A., United Healthcare, MAMSI and all Maryland Medical Assistance programs.
  • Scheduling appointment:
    • Surgical or Non-Surgical Abortion appointment: please call the Center during our normal business hours Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM; and, Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM or request an appointment online.
    • Private Abortion appointments: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons or by special appointment.
    • Non-abortion related services are performed with an appointment or on a walk-in basis Monday – Friday 9 AM until 4 PM; and, Saturday 9 AM until 2 PM.

Funding Options:

  • Should you require assistance in obtaining funding the NAF Hotline does offer funding for women who would otherwise not be able to afford the abortion care they need. Call the NAF Hotline weekdays 7am-11pm or Weekends 9am-9pm. 1-800-772-9100
  • Additional funding can be obtained through the DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) they provide funding to women in the DC, VA, & MD area. Please call them at 202-452-7464 and leave a voicemail. Someone will return your call and assist you.

Self-Pay Discounted Fees (patients without or not using insurance)


Surgical Abortion Services:

4 – 14 weeks & 6 days $360.00
15 – 16 weeks $720.00
16 weeks & 1 day – 17 weeks $860.00
17 weeks & 1 day – 18 weeks $1,040.00
18 weeks & 1 day – 19 weeks $1,440.00
19 weeks & 1 day – 20 weeks $1,690.00
20 weeks & 1 day – 21 weeks $1,800.00
21 weeks & 1 day – 22 weeks $1,980.00
Multiple Pregnancy
12 – 14 weeks & 1 day $600.00

Prices include:
Sonograms, Rhogam, anesthesia, medications, and follow-up exam.


Medical Abortion:

Under 9 weeks $390.00


Essure Procedure:

Essure Procedure $2,400.00


Other Services:

Sonograms $90.00
Urine Pregnancy Test $10.00 (Free on Mondays & Thursdays)
ECP $50.00
Serum Pregnancy $25.00
Depo injection w/o insurance $25.00
Private Patient Services $350 + Services Performed

*Prices are subject to change without notice