Gynemed Surgical Center shares patient comments about our staff and our facility.


“To be honest I came to this center because I read the comments people left. They were amazing and helpful. I think the best thing is that the people were so welcoming and nice.”

“I heard wonderful things about this place. I am a very private person and felt great about being here. I did pay for the private service and for me it was totally worth it. I did not see another patient while I was here.”

“This place seemed the most trusted looking at its website. When I called for info the woman on the phone put me at ease and was very informative.”

“The most memorable thing is that the doctor and staff made sure I was sure of my decision. They provided me with all the information and I knew this was the right decision for me and my situation.”

“Everyone was very helpful and nice during my experience. It was an unfortunate situation that I never wanted to had to go through but it was definitely the right decision for me. I came because this was the closest place to where I live that would do the procedure.”

“There is a lot of information given to you during your visit. One thing I liked is how clear the doctor was with the instructions and at home care.”

“I have been here before and I just feel safe with the staff. My nurse was very kind. The waiting is long!”

“I was referred here by my doctor. You took my insurance. Employees + process was good.”

“Clean and good customer service. They take my insurance. One thing I don’t like is the long wait, but I understand why. Is there anything you can do to make the waiting time less?”

“Thank you for your kind words about our staff and nurses especially. We know the waiting can be long, but that is to ensure that the medication(s) have the proper amount of time to work.”

“The nurses were extremely kind. I just did not like how long I had to wait.”

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