Non-surgical Medical Abortion
Non-Surgical Medical Abortion Commonly Known As “RU486” And “Abortion Pill”
Is Available Up To 8 Weeks Of LMP


First Visit for Abortion Pill
Our compassionate staff will fully inform you of the risks and benefits of a non-surgical medical abortion.

Next, we will review your medical history and perform a gynecological examination with a sonogram to verify and measure your pregnancy. A small blood sample is drawn to test for the Rh factor. If needed, you will receive an injection of RhoGam during your visit.

After reviewing your medical history for any contra indications, our physician will discuss the non-surgical medical abortion with you. At this time, feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

If you are eligible for the non-surgical medical abortion and choose to proceed, you will take a Mifepristone(RU486) pill by month and receive 4 Misoprostol pills to take home with you .

Misoprostol tablets will be given to you with instructions how to take them orally.

The Misoprostol tablets should be taken 8 to 48 hours after taking the RU486. Approximately 90% of women completely expel the uterine contents within 24 hours of taking Misoprostol pills. You will experience vaginal bleeding similar to a heavy menstrual period and cramps may be intense. You will most likely experience heavy cramping within 7-8 hours from taking the Misoprostal tablets and very likely the discomfort will only last 3 hours or so.

Prescriptions for Tylenol 3 (for cramping) and Compazine (for any nausea and vomiting) will be prescribed for you. Other medications may be prescribed depending on your medical history.

Do not use any other medications (such as Advil, Aleve, Midol, Bufferin, etc.) than those we give you because they contain anti-prostaglandins that may interfere with the medications that will be prescribed. You should not engage in sexual intercourse once you have taken the Misoprostol tablets.


Approximately one week after you have taken the Misoprostol tablets we’ll evaluate you to determine the completeness of the pregnancy expulsion. Therefore, our physician will perform a sonogram.

If your pregnancy termination is complete, our staff will discuss birth control (contraception)


I felt safe and assured with my decision when speaking with your staff. Thank you very much for your professionalism and non-judgement.

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